The $64,000 Question


(cue annoying game show theme song)

Friday, March 21st

Actually, that's the answer... and I'm sure y'all already know what the question was! Decisions will be mailed tomorrow, as Dean Nolan outlined during Candidates' Weekends. Some of you will receive your decisions - yes, in large envelopes! - via UPS while others of you will receive standard-sized envelopes via USPS. Please note: Some of those "thin" envelopes will contain an offer for a spot on one of our two Waiting Lists - so don't immediately think the worst and rip it to shreds!!

In addition, your decisions will be available online at as of 10pm EDT on Monday, March 24th. If you have been admitted, you can use the website to give us your reply to our offer of admission, as well as pay the enrollment deposit should you choose to join the Olin College Class of 2012 (and we hope you do!). ;-)

Don't forget that you can always contact us if you have any questions or concerns about what happens next in the process.

Try to relax and enjoy spring!

IM: OlinAdmission


Thanks for the info Allison! I guess this means we don't hear till monday earliest though :(

I don't think that I'm alone in saying this: AHHHH!

Anyways, it's been fun following the Olin Admission's process and getting a chance to see the school in person one way or another. Now it's time to get back to drowning myself in things to do so I won't be totally consumed by thinking about Monday.

Are they (the big envelopes) going out next day delivery...shall we we looking for them Saturday? And, to echo Kevin, it's been a great ride one way or another...I wish you all success!!

UPS is overnight right? So Paul, I guess we'll basically know at the end of Saturday whether we're definitely in or not. Cheer up you two!

Actually, folks, the "fat envelopes" likely won't arrive until Monday since UPS doesn't deliver on Saturday (or only for an exorbitant fee!). Sorry. :(


I know what I'll be thinking about over Easter dinner!

ack we find out tomorrowwwww!!!!!!

The eagle has landed...what an honor!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you thank you...

thank you thank you thank you

OK so now I can finally ask the burning question I'm sure has preoccupied every parent during this tense wait... do Olin's dorm beds take regular or extra-long twin sheets?!? :-)

How many people got accepted off the waiting list last year? Also, is it ranked, ie the people who get the option to defer admission a year get in over those who do not have the option?

yay! thank you admissions demigods!

Olin's dorm beds take extra-long sheets. This and much more will be listed in one of the letters enrolled students will receive over the summer.

Thank you so much! I was so excited I rode my bike around looking for the UPS truck beforehand - and sure enough - it stopped at my house. I'M SO HAPPY!

So, I'll ask the big question. Who was the first to make their payment/accept the admission?

I believe that honor goes to you, Kevin. You are logged in our system as making your deposit at 10:16pm EST. :)

AHAH! Life is good!

gah (shakes fist at Kevin)

Beat me to it! :D

Congrats on the speedy submission!

Never imagined I'd actually be accepted! I still remember visiting last year and thinking Olin was completely out of my league...

Congrats to everyone!

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