Olin EXPO 2009!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending our annual end of the semester academic celebration known as the Olin Exposition. This year, faculty member Debbie Chachra and a committee of students and staff made some changes to the program. Instead of students presenting individually over two days, the event was condensed into one day and students could opt to present in groups. Parents, alumni, corporate partners, SCOPE sponsors and prospective students were invited to come and learn about our students' projects. I always learn so much at these events, and our students continue to inspire me with their creativity and technical talent! See pictures below, and read Boston Globe columnist Scott Kirsner's article about the event here.

Fall Expo 2009 007.jpg
Welcome to Expo!

Fall Expo 2009 006.jpg
Adam ('11) explains the design of his homemade snow maker

Fall Expo 2009 011.jpg
Alyssa and Yiyang ('11s) discuss their Sustainable Design projects with Professor Jon Stolk

Fall Expo 2009 015.jpg
Leah ('10) and Alex ('11), Sustainable Design

Fall Expo 2009 041.jpg
Giulia ('10) explains her work in Quantum Computing

Fall Expo 2009 028.jpg
Rob ('12) and Chris ('12) show off their interactive toy, which they hope to market and sell.

Fall Expo 2009 036.jpg
I got to play tic tac toe using Daniel and Jacob's robot! (both class of 2012)

Fall Expo 2009 046.jpg
The Wired Ensemble is a first-year first semester course where students compose original pieces and perform them. Pictured here are Andrew, Molly and Noah.