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Movin' On Up!

Placement Stats for Olin College's Class of 2011 Graduates Show Strong Job Market for Engineers
Average Starting Salary is Highest Ever; Microsoft Hires Seven 2011 Graduates

Olin College of Engineering today announced the post graduate plans of the 88 students in its Class of 2011: 55 percent have accepted offers of employment with an average starting salary of $68,825; 30 percent will attend graduate school beginning in the fall; and two graduates are starting their own businesses. Twenty-four percent are staying in Massachusetts after graduation, of which 17 will begin full-time employment and four will attend graduate school.

Top employers of the Class of 2011 include Microsoft , which hired seven graduates, bringing their total number of Olin alumni employees to 17; Google, which hired three graduates bringing their total number of Olin alumni employees to 12; athenahealth, which hired three graduates, bringing their total number of Olin alumni employees to 9; National Instruments, which accepted three graduates into its Rotational/Leadership program; and Parietal Systems, which hired two Class of 2011 graduates.

Other employers of this year's graduates include Advanced Math and Science Academy; Advanced Micro Devices; Apple; Big Belly Solar; Boeing; Boston Scientific; Carbonite; Creighton University; Draper Labs; Fortress Technologies; Giner; Institute for Human and Machine Cognition; Intel; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University; Lanza Tech; Liquid Robotics; MITRE; Mobiquity; NTE Energy; Pratt & Whitney; Raytheon BBN; Rockwell Automation; The Second Glass; Separation Technologies; Tesla Motors; TE Connectivity, Torc Technologies and the U.S. State Department.

"The responses we've received from employers is remarkable," said Sally Phelps, Director of Post Graduate Planning at Olin. "We had 64 companies recruiting on campus this year, and although we have a few graduates who are not yet employed, they tend to be looking for something specific, waiting to hear from companies, or planning to start their search after taking the summer off."

In addition to its remarkable employment statistics, graduates of Olin's Class of 2011 have been accepted into some of the most prestigious graduate schools in the country. Olin's top four graduate schools, with two 2011 graduates each attending, are: MIT, Stanford University, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and Virginia Tech. Three graduates are pursuing advanced degrees at Ivy League schools: Cornell, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. Eight graduates are attending a top 10 engineering graduate program: Cornell, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley and UIUC. Additionally, three will attend schools in other parts of the world, including Sweden and Switzerland.

Of the 88 graduates, 9 percent were granted National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate research fellowships; one was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and will teach English in Mongolia; while two were Fulbright scholarship runners-up.

Interested in learning more, click HERE for a complete listing!

Final Senior Transcripts Needed!

Enrolled Students this reminder is for you!

Please don't forget that TODAY is the deadline to send us your final senior transcripts.

Are you thinking, "But I haven't even graduated yet?!"

That's okay!  Just have your guidance counselor send them to us as quickly as possible.  If you can't meet today's date let us know by emailing us at apply@olin.edu.  Tell us when to expect your transcripts so we don't hound you unnecessarily!

Enjoy your summer and we will see you in the Fall! 

Summer at Olin starts today!

After two weeks of pervasive quiet on campus, finally, the students have come back to Olin College!

Well, at least some of the students have returned to campus, and in the Admission Office, we're happy they're here. We've hired a summer student worker, Casey, a regular contributer to The OLINsider, who will be helping us welcome our many summer visitors and giving campus tours.

And speaking of visitors and tours, having Olin students back on campus means that we're ready to start welcoming prospective students to campus. Our schedule of summer information sessions and campus tours is available online - http://www.olin.edu/admission/visits_tours.aspx - so be sure to check it out and RSVP for your visit to Olin College. We're excited to meet you!

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