An End to the Summer

Although the Olin campus has been active all summer with academic and sports camps, anyone familiar with Olin during the school year can still sense an absence.  Something is missing.  Perhaps it is just the sight of students walking to and from class, or the noise of students as they come up with exciting class projects or fun extracurricular activities.  Maybe it is the sound of excited chatter and laughter in the now deserted dining hall.  All of these items certainly play a factor in the absence on campus.  But for me, this absence is most felt on the Oval. 


I have the best office on campus because my window looks directly onto the Oval.  I can see the students fly planes they have created; I can see them as they practice riding their human powered vehicles.  I can see classes being held outside when the day is just too beautiful to sit inside.  And I certainly never miss a unicyling practice.  These students never cease to amaze me with their ability to both unicycle and juggle simultaneously. 

Sure, during the summer staff and faculty alike have the ability to focus on projects otherwise left undone when students are present.  We're able to get away for a few days at the beach and catch up with friends and family we don't have time to see during the school year.  But regardless of our different responsibilities on campus, we all have one thing in common.  We are here for the students.  It is working with this amazing group of bright, gifted and energetic students that brings us all to campus each day.  Because of this, their absence is felt. 


I am excited to find out what Oliners did over the summer, I am excited to welcome the Class of 2015, and I am very excited to see where the Class of 2012 is headed.  Mostly, I'm excited that in less than 2 weeks the campus will come alive with Oliners ready for a new year.  Come back soon - we've missed you!