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Too Good to be True

This weekend kicked off our fall recruitment events around the country with admission information sessions held in the homes of Olin parents in Gaithersburg, MD, and Oakton, VA. I represented the Admission Office at each event and spent more than the two scheduled hours answering all kinds of questions for the attending students and family. They seemed fascinated by our innovative curriculum, our one-of-a-kind admission process, and our small, safe, supportive campus community. And by the end of both events, I found the following thought written across each students' and parents' faces...

"Olin College is too good to be true."

If I put myself in their place and consider everything they were told about Olin by me, by our parents and by one of our alumni attending the events, I understand them coming away with this impression. Olin does sound like a utopia of higher learning and engineering. Even the story of its creation - that in 2001, 30 aspiring college students passed on offers of admission to top-ranked colleges and universities to attend an engineering school that didn't exist yet - reads like the premise of a CW pilot script.

But Olin is very real, and it is every bit as special and unique as we all say it is. During these recruitment events, my colleagues and I can tell students and their parents a lot about Olin - about our innovative curriculum, our remarkable students and our beautiful campus - but the best thing we can tell you is to come see for yourself*.

*Don't get me wrong, these recruitment events offer attendees an outstanding opportunity to learn about Olin, meet members of our extended community, and determine if Olin is a school you want to investigate further. They're worth your time, especially if a trip to Needham, MA, is not an immediate option.

Olin does sound too good to be true. But seeing is believing, and if you have the chance to attend our Fall Open House or sign up for a campus tour, we'll be excited to welcome you - just as we are excited to meet many of you as we continue our travels around the country this fall.

Students are back - come visit Olin!

Olin College is once again alive with student activities!  This means our fall recruitment cycle is now in full force!  If you're interested in coming to Olin's campus to see what it is like first hand - we have a number of opportunities for you to do just that.


Information Sessions - Monday-Friday and Saturday!

Join us for an information session!  We hold these each day at 2:30pm in the admission office of Milas Hall.  Someone from the admission staff will lead the discussion, and after a student will provide a campus tour.  Beginning September 10th we will also hold Saturday information sessions  These begin at 10am.  You can RSVP for these events online.


Fall Open House Sunday, October 23rd, 2011.

Want to get an even better understanding of Olin College?  Then join us for Fall Open House!  This event begins at 11am, and runs until 4pm.  You will have the chance to meet current students, complete a design exercise, and talk with faculty and admission staff about Olin, the curriculum, the admission process, anything you are wondering about!  Again, RSVP online.


Stay overnight!

If you are a senior and would like to experience classes at Olin, then consider coming to Olin for an overnight visit.  You will be paired up with an Oliner, stay in the dorms, eat in the cafeteria and join Oliners for classes.  This opportunity begins on September 19th.  You can contact Avery by emailing to schedule your trip.


We hope to see you in the fall!  If you have any questions about applying to Olin please email us at 

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