I booted up my computer this morning to find "Happy December," "Tomorrow is December," "Back to December" and "Bye November" trending worldwide on twitter. No doubt the change from the eleventh to the twelth month of the year means many things to many people, and for us in the Olin Admission office it means one more month until we begin devouring applications.

This is my first experience working for an institution that does not have an early admission option, and the anticipation of finally discovering who all of our outstanding applicants are has made me glad that the month of November flew by so fast. I'm expect the month of December will fly by equally fast, and I fear we'll all be missing the peaceful normalcy of this fall come January. I'd say my eyes will long for the reprieve from application reading, but I've been subjecting them to enough evening and weekend video games to compensate for not having files to review in the fall.

As you may know, admission at Olin works differently. After we review our applicants on paper, we invite those who we feel are the best fit for the College to campus in late February and early March, where we get to know each one better in person before making final admission decisions. And if you're not familiar with our admission process, be sure to read all about it on our website.

The Candidates' Weekend experience described above is an integral part of Olin's identity. For the students who eventually are admitted and decide to enroll, CW is often considered their official welcome to the Olin community. I know that it will not be until I experience this for myself that I truly know what Olin is all about. I'm looking forward to that experience and to the work that must be done to make sure it is an outstanding experience for all of our Candidates.

Tomorrow we'll say, "Hello December." It promises to be an enjoyable month and I look forward to the many memorable occasions it will bring. But I'm already looking forward to the excitement that will commence in the new year and the opportunity to be part of an experience unlike any other - and if you're one of our applicants or potential applicants, hopefully you are too.