What's next?

We're done!

All 781 applications for admission to the Olin College Class of 2016 have been reviewed and discussed by our Admission Committee. It's a tremendous sense of relief and accomplishment to have the arduous task of reviewing so many outstanding applications in a short window of time behind us, and it's gratifying to know that so many outstanding students and young adults are seeking admission to one of the most innovative institutions in the world.

While it might be a sad time in most admission offices, where the process of getting to know their applicants is complete, at Olin we're more excited now than we were when we started. We're preparing to send 240 aspiring Olin students (approximately) invitations to one of our three Candidates' Weekends!

By Friday, each applicant for the Class of 2016 will know whether or not she or he is invited to one of our three Candidates' Weekends. You will receive notification in the mail, and as of Friday morning you will be able to log into Olin's web portal to view your decision. A username and password for accessing the web portal was sent to every applicant after his or her application was received. If you have lost or forgotten your username of password, please contact us at apply@olin.edu as soon as possible, because...

If you are among the exceptional students who have been invited to Candidates' Weekend, congratulations! The first CW takes place February 17-18, which is not that far away. Therefore, you MUST RSVP by Monday, February 6th if you wish to attend*. If you don't, we may assume you're no longer interested in Olin and your place at CW may go to someone else.

*As you know by now (hopefully), attendance of CW is mandatory if you wish to be admitted to Olin.

Candidates' Weekend invitees are assigned to one of the three weekends. We make these assignments carefully and meticulously to give Candidates who may have the most difficulty making travel plans the most time to do so. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from attending your assigned weekend please contact us right away (either email apply@olin.edu or call 781.292.2222).

If you're as eager to learn whether or not you have been invited to Candidates' Weekend as we are to have all of you on campus, the time to start checking your mailboxes is fast approaching. We'll keep you updated as we prepare and send all of our decision letters and CW invitation packets through the week, and if you have any questions please feel free to comment on this post or contact our office directly.

We look forward to meeting many of you in a few short weeks!