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February Vacation

High schools across New England, and several other parts of the country, are enjoying February vacation this week, resulting in a steady flow of prospective students and parents into the Olin Admission Office. We're excited to have visitors again after the winter lull and will do our best to make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have about the College and our one-of-a-kind admission process.

At Olin, we're coming up on the second of our three consecutive Candidates' Weekends beginning this Friday afternoon. These weekends require intense planning and preparation, and we rely on the entire Olin community, especially our students, to make them happen. That is why, when you visit Olin this week, you'll be taking a self-guided tour of campus - or you could opt for our QR code guided tour of campus!

Our regular campus tours will begin again in mid-March - Monday, March 12th to be exact - after we've all had the chance to catch our breath from Candidates' Weekends. But don't fret - Olin students are a passionate bunch, and if visiting campus this week I encourage you to be outgoing and approach our students with your questions about their experiences here. Enjoy lunch in our Dining Hall, sit and chat with current students. Sometimes the most illuminating experiences occur when you remove the guise of formality.

Enjoy your days off and safe travels!

calm before the storm

The Olin campus is quiet at the moment...

photo (1).JPG
...but it won't stay that way for long.

Eighty Candidates (approximately) for admission to the Class of 2016 will storm the campus this afternoon for the first of three successive weekends. They'll be welcomed by the Olin community, bond with each other, have a lot of fun, and participate in evaluative activities all for the sake of the Admission Committee being able to determine if they are good fits for Olin, and for the Candidates to determine if Olin is a good fit for them.

We'll have more updates on Candidates' Weekends as they happen, and will be sure to let everyone know when final admission decisions are available. In the meantime, enjoy the show, either in person or from afar - follow Olin on Facebook, Twitter and our blogs for continuous updates.

Decisions, Decisions

Candidates' Weekend decisions are now available on the Olin web portal. Use the username and password sent to you shortly after your application was processed to login and view your decision if you have not yet received your hand-delivered notification. If you no longer have your login information please email the Olin Admission Office at apply@olin.edu.

If you have been invited to attend one of our three Candidates' Weekends, congratulations (again)! Please use the web portal to RSVP and confirm your attendance. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from attending your assigned weekend, you can also use the web portal to submit a request to swap weekends with another Candidate.

To those of you who were not invited, please understand that we received and reviewed many outstanding applications this year and there's just no way for us to invite everyone to CW. We wish you the best with your college search and are confident you will have many fantastic options available to you.

Whether you were invited to CW or not, you all left a lasting impression upon us (more on that in my next post) and we thank you sincerely for your interest in Olin College.

En Route

Invitations for Candidates' Weekends are on their way!


All Candidates' Weekend invitation packets were dropped off at UPS this afternoon and will be delivered by the end of the week. Admission decisions regarding invitations to Candidates' Weekend will also be made available online through the Olin portal as of Friday morning.

The wait to find out if you're still in the running to be admitted to Olin College is almost over - and the mad rush to make plans to travel to campus in late February or early March, for some of you, is about to begin!

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