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Back from hibernation


Hey all!

After a long long sojourn from blogging, I've finally got another report on life at Olin as a senior -- here my take on some of the big themes!

  • I think I can speak for a lot of my class in saying that I'm still a little surprised by how freaking FAST the past ~ four years have gone -- graduation is in a month and 21 days!! Just a couple weeks ago, the Parent and Alumni Relations Office hosted a senior night event for us at Roger's pub over at Babson. The event was called 2008 Hours Till Graduation, to, yes, celebrate the fact that we hit the 2008 hours till graduation mark!! Here are some pictures from the night:

Candidates’ Weekend from the Other Side

Now that decisions are coming out (congrats to the future class of 2012!), I thought I'd take the chance to blog about how Candidates' Weekend appeared to me, an old sophomore. While last year I worked Design Build, the unevaluated team activity that candidates start out their Saturday with, this year I was a student interviewer.

Software Design


First of all, let me apologize for my sporadic blogging. It's extremely easy to say "oh, this is a great project! I'll talk about it in my blog!" and then forget to blog for awhile. So one thing I've been meaning to talk about this semester is my Software Design course. I think the course is great because it's the perfect blend of instruction, self-teaching, implementation, and projects.

It also has one of my favorite tools thus far, that I get to experience four times per week- one hour lectures. Both my Software Design class and my Circuits class have one hour lectures. These times are nice because it's really easy to tune in and focus for an hour, and it's enough information that you can keep it in your head without forgetting half of it.

Reflections on two months in Cairo


So one of my roommate's parents are in town and we spent the afternoon touring around the Citadel (a major tourist attraction in Cairo) with them. Talking with her parents, who had never been to Cairo before, made me realize how much I've adapted to life here. I no longer worry about basic things like hailing a cab or buying food and I've grown to tolerate a lot of Cairo's more irritating idiosyncrasies like the congestion, smog, and harassment much better. But when I was talking with her dad about living in Cairo and he asked me what I missed from the US while living in Cairo and what I would miss from Cairo once I returned to the US it sort of floored me. I guess I'd thought about it before, but I couldn't really come up with anything to say at the time so it got me thinking.

I've been here in Cairo for almost two months to the day which means, as much as I hate to say it, that I'm almost halfway done with my time here. Realistically I know that the next two months and change will fly by faster than I can really know.

The Week in Headlines



  • Marketing Project Piques Organic Curiosity
  • Weekend in Normandy Heralds Historic Reflection
  • Don't Stress Out, Career Building is for Americans


The Cold War exhibit, the Caen Memorial, Caen, Normandy.


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I recently returned from a week of vacation in Bordeaux and Paris. This vacation was enabled by a useful phenomenon: when one is a college Junior in Europe, one finds all their college junior friends are scattered across the place as well. Since the study abroad vibe tends include a strong desire to get out and see as much as possible, it takes little more than an offer to trade floor/couch space to set up a trans-continental game of connect-the-dots. Even if you're not visiting a friend's temporary home, it's pretty easy to find a travel companion willing to rendezvous in Interesting Euro City of Choice for weekend. Such was the situation that brought me to Bordeaux for 2 days and then Paris for another 6. While you've been trying to figure out if you like Olin, or wondering who you'd like to have at Olin, I've been making tough decisions like which museum I'm going to see this afternoon or which arrondissement I'm going to explore. I guess this is the kind of "getting out of your head" activity that I came here to do.

More than a simple excuse to post some of my rapidly accumulating pictures, I'll be reflecting on my rhythm of walking, staring, and thinking that characterized this week of excursion.

The author playing his tourism a la Francaise

Name that hilltop Paris basilica...

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