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Thanks and goodbye, Olin! Hello, future!

Hi all,

Somehow, while I wasn't paying attention, I've apparently run out of my four years at Olin College! My 66 classmates and I graduated almost a month ago now, on May 18th, during Olin's *first ever* sunny commencement ceremony! I think I can speak for not only a lot of my classmates, but a lot of college seniors in general in describing the weeks preceding graduation as among the most intense periods of my life. Things running across our minds included more typical finals-period pressures of wrapping up schoolwork, winding SCOPE up, turning in that infamous OSS final paper, etc. -- only this time exacerbated by the stresses associated with finding and negotiating jobs, graduate school offers, finding permanent housing and transportation where we're headed, etc etc. Phew!

All that said, those weeks definitely also qualify as the perhaps the one unit of time in which I have had the most fun in college. A group of us planned and executed a wonderful, Olin-ized version of Senior Week, which consisted of numerous receptions, a trip to an amusement park, a picnic, a night of bowling, more cheese, crackers and champagne than most of us will ever want to consume again.

Connor Riley, also '08, cooks a lot of bacon at our class picnic, also blessed with lovely weather -- we really lucked out!

Photo courtesy Anthony Roldan, '08.

On My Own


Summer is here, and the 9-5 work day has begun. This summer is a different experience from those in the past, primarily because I'm living on my own. I'm working for an email and web hosting company as a "Creative Consultant"- basically this means I make their sales and marketing stuff, then write HTML or do QA (ie. try to break the email and record the bugs) in between.

Reverse Culture Shock and More



First, I must apologize. I am tardy in publishing this - I actually wrote it weeks ago, then realized I hadn't uploaded the necessary photos from my camera, then procrastinated, then uploaded them, then forgot about this post, then was a bridesmaid in my older brother's wedding, then I was bored one day and checked the student blog... And here I am.

Wendy and Angela

Bridesmaids (me, left, with my younger sister).

This is, roughly, a four part post. Part I is my final digital photography project. Part II is about my triumphant (and jet-lagged) return to the United States. Part III is a brief farewell to the Class of 2008, plus some photos from commencement. Part IV is about my future plans (the summer and into next year, a bit). Read on if you dare; it's a bit of a hodgepodge.

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