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Neuroscience is awesome


One of the reasons I came to Olin was because the classes were small and not lecture-based. To be honest, I'd always considered myself (and Olin) to be better than big lecture halls.

So it's interesting that my favorite class this semester is a 110 person lecture at Brandeis.

It might just be the topic, since I'm fascinated by Behavioral Neuroscience and am prone to walking up to people and telling them "Your primary visual cortex is soooo cool!" It also might be the professor; Don Katz is amazing and I don't think he's given a lecture that hasn't given me chills. But I also really like the format.

In a lot of ways, a big lecture class forces me to be more independent. No one checks if I've done the reading. No one cares (or even notices!) if I don't go to lecture. And while it all ultimately ends up as a grade, for now it feels a teeny bit empowering. I'm reading to learn and understand, not because of a homework score or the approval of my professor. It's something I do for me, and I own the responsibility for whether I succeed or fail.

Reading this over, it sounds like what every freshman at every state university learns. I think the difference (if there is one) is that I don't usually feel this same amount of self-motivation at Olin because I care so much about what people think of me. So many of the things I do are for other people. My fault, sure, but for 3 hours a week, it's nice to have no one care about me.

Student Activities Committee

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As many of you may know, I have assumed my post as chair of Olin's Student Activities Committee (SAC). SAC is Olin's largest committee (I think) with roughly 20 members (depending on how you count them), and also one of the wealthiest committees. It receives a large portion of the aptly-named Student Activities Fee, and then, as you might guess, plans and executes numerous activities on campus. We're looking forward to an exciting semester!

Painting the Freshmen’s Underwear

Painting underwear

We spent our Friday night last week slathering paint all over first-year students' white cotton boxers. What'd you do?

Bed Post


My bed is awesome. I'm so excited about it. I'm now past the stage of dragging people from the dining hall up to my room to see it, but only because I think everyone at Olin has seen it at least three times. And now I will blog to share my bed with even those who are not at Olin.

This is my bed:


Labor Day Camping Trip


Hi everyone! I'm Shannon, one of the new bloggers this year. Since this is my first post, I'll take a second to introduce myself. I'm a sophomore from North Carolina. I'm a MechE major, I like music and many forms of social dancing, and I wrote more about myself in my profile, if you're interested.

What I'm writing about today is the annual (as far as I know) Olin camping trip over Labor Day weekend. Last year I didn't go out of unfamiliarity with camping/hiking and possibly fear of having no time for homework that weekend. I had only been at Olin for a week or two. This year was different. I had an amazing job this summer at a Boy Scout camp which sent me out on a backpacking trek for four days each week. As a result, I felt more than prepared (although you didn't have to have any experience at all!) to head up to New Hampshire, camp out for a night, and hike up Mt. Eisenhower the next day.



I'm writing to you, dearest Blog-readers, from the studio campus of Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy. While I arrived in Florence exactly one week ago, I just began my classes today. I'm easing into things, and while I'm a little nervous to be with actual art majors, I'm generally excited to get started. I'm not excited about the pricetags for my supplies, but such is life. As a pre-class get together, we went up into the Tuscan countryside to the house of the program director, Rebecca, to learn to cook, take some photos, and drink some wine.


Blog post survey

Hey everyone, I'm Brad Powers, one of your new bloggers from the Class of 2010 here. I put up some good personal info about me in my profile, so I'll just jump right in with the blogging.

A few months ago, Angela (another blogger) sent out a survey about what kinds of things you all would like to hear blog posts about. Some of them are pretty easy, so I'm gonna knock out a few right here. Bam.

What is your commute to work like?

Short. I walk out of East Hall to the dining hall, grab some breakfast, and cross the O (the courtyard between most of our buildings, pronounced "the O") and there I am. If it's cold outside (and it usually is, this is Boston you know) things are more complicated. I exit East Hall at the door closest to West Hall, use West Hall as a sort of warm tunnel to the dining hall, grab some breakfast, and go around the O indoors, such that I'm outside as little as possible.

Amusement Parks?

I'm for them?

Why do interns get such old computers when they are the most tech savvy in the office?

They're the only ones who can get the darn things to work.

So yeah, there we go, three ideas with one post! I'm on a roll.

More awesome is on its way soon.

-Brad Powers

Prof. John Geddes Has The Cutest Dog Ever


I spent the month of August house- and dog-sitting for John Geddes, who lives a few miles from Olin. This is Maddy, his family's Border Terrier mix:



- Roland '10

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