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Now featuring an “Internationally-Shown Artist”


Last time I blogged, I wrote about how I was entering some work in an art show here. It turns out that four of my five pieces were selected for the show. My resume just got a little more interesting.


One Almost-Complete Olin Academic Record


As a senior, I am (hopefully) almost done with my Olin education. Perhaps some of our readers will be interested to see what my schedule has looked like over the past few years.

My major is Engineering with a concentration in Systems Design, which requires two mechanical engineering core courses and two electrical/computer engineering core courses as well as the Systems Design course and all the other general requirements. (Olin's course catalog, which includes course/credit requirements by major, is available at

Trebuchets and Tambourines


All right, I lied. There are in fact zero references to tambourines in this post. Nevertheless, I had to do something to get your attention so I could introduce myself as the tardiest of the new student bloggers! My name is Chris, and I am the second of the new freshman bloggers, joining our very own Colin. I will not even bother describing my many and varied interests, from computers to catapults to business and puppies (but I seldom exercise all the possible combinations of those).

Thus, I might as well jump right in to the overall point of this post: To tell you about an excursion I had two weekends ago in building trebuchets and launching pumpkins. One fine, breezy, and colorful fall day here in New England, I awoke to the rising sun through my window, and promptly checked my email for the first of many times that day. At the time, it was unbeknownst to me what I would encounter...



Note: This post is a fortnight overdue 'cause its author was lazy getting relevant images. This should dispel any myths about an Olin time travel project, as the author promises that had he the means the travel back in time and post it on Halloween, he would have.

This Halloween, I walked through the dining hall en route to a sandwich and couldn't help smirking at one of the Jack O'Lanterns sitting along the hallway. Being a new arrival and not brainwashed by Olin culture, I immediately stopped and thought to myself "How strange." and "Why would anyone at Olin be afraid of this?"


Pricecod Beta Launch!


In my Software Design class, the second half of the semester is devoted to a team project (I briefly mentioned it in my last post). Olin emphasizes incremental development; the idea is to always have a working program, rather than building out separate pieces and planning on tying them together at the end (you can read more about it in Professor Allen Downey's textbook). With about a month left to finish, my team recently completed our first working prototype (of any usefulness).

Votes and Juries

I've now been in Florence for more than two months. Today, of course, was one of the days where I was reminded more of my "Americanness" by the discussions of the election everywhere. Last night we actually went to an election party hosted by the Democrats Abroad, where we saw Italians wearing Obama masks, waving the stars and stripes, and declaring their love for America. It was somewhat strange.


(Photo thanks to Rebecca Olsen.)

While the election was fun, I was thoroughly exhausted for all of today. Staying up until 5AM to hear the final results was possibly a poor decision. Luckily, the most strenuous thing I have going for the next few days is to work in the photo lab. I've never done non-digital photo work before, but it's something I've come to really enjoy. I even entered a few of my pieces in a student art show. These still have to be juried in, so I get to wait another two days for another (less historic) vote.

For the curious, the three photos I submitted are:

Chasing Trains



Dented metal doors slide shut to the sound of a droning buzzer. The train is lurching forward before I can locate an open stretch of handrail, letting me careen down the aisle for a few seat lengths before swinging Rhesus Monkey-like into a somewhat stationary position. The subway is crowded, but I catch sight of my friends in the piercing fluorescence at the far side of the car.

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