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Everyone Loves Acronyms - NYC & BTP

What better way to decompress over spring break than to travel to the most populous city in the U.S.? I might be using a hint of sarcasm. While my trip to New York City was not necessarily relaxing, equally positive adjectives may be employed to describe the adventure: exciting, thrilling, fun, enchanting, energizing...

A few short anecdotes:

Engineer of the Future 2.0 - April 1st!

Wow, it's the first day of spring, and I can't believe it's almost April! The beginning of April at Olin means it's time for Big Conversations the Engineer of the Future 2.0 conference!

Questions and Answers


In honor of Candidates' Weekends, I have brilliantly Google searched for "questions to ask on a college tour," stolen such questions from other websites, revised them, and answered them from my perspective. (Don't let that stop you from asking others, though; I am certainly not representative of the entire student body.)

Candidates' Weekend is a time not just for us to find out more about you, but for you to find out more about us--to find out if you really do want to spend four years of your life here. Talk to students. Ask lots of questions. This post is meant to serve as inspiration for you, so you can make the most out of your time here. Good luck!

Q: "What kind of club is this?" A: "A GAY ONE"


As you all probably know by now, last weekend was Candidates' Weekend I for the class of 2013. There are a lot of things going on in the candidates' schedules--I'd guess that the sheer number of scheduled activities for the candidates rivals most students' busier days.

On Saturday, while students are rotating through their individual interviews, CORe, under the guidance of Nick '11, puts together a club fair called Olin Unplugged. There, candidates can preview Olin's clubs and organizations, and see a variety of wacky activities, like unicycle hockey, that one suspects don't happen all that often when outsiders aren't watching.

Since my freshman year, I've been representing one of Olin's most active clubs at the club fair. What kind of club is it, you ask? Well, look at our club fair table:

A surprising number of candidates last weekend came up and asked us what sort of club we are, even after seeing our rainbow-festooned table, which is why I thought it might be good to make the following points:

  • This club is Open, the queer student group at Olin and Babson.
  • Yes, Olin has queer people (beyond just the gay men pictured!). We're a small but close-knit group.
  • Ducker '09 wrote a pretty good post back in 2007 that spells out Open's activities in more detail.
  • And finally, yeah that's me in the poster for our drag show.

Hopefully this clears things up for yall. And please, don't hesitate to email me or email Open if you have any questions about queer life at Olin. I promise we're friendly, and able to promptly answer email!

-Roland '10

Live from Duke University


Another packed week. I was running on all burners to get enough done to leave Olin at 6am today. I fled to catch a flight down here to Durham, N.C. for the National Academy of Engineering summit on the Grand Challenges in engineering. The two big last hurdles to leap for the departure were 1) interviewing Candidates and 2) finishing the poster that I'll be presenting tomorrow in the student poster competition.

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