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Birds of a feather, flying home

I'm sitting in terminal C at Logan International Airport, waiting to go home, thanks to a timely snowfall in Milwaukee. Everybody here decided [simultaneously] to take advantage of the holiday-time free WiFi, and my poor computer just couldn't take it any longer. Quite contrary to my standard practice, I decided to do something mildly productive (After forty-six minutes, Facebook status-stalking does not qualify as "productive.") while waiting out the snow.


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Now, all that's left is Expo to celebrate!

Here's a summary of my projects this semester: 

My Product Design & Development team designed a next-generation street food cart

My Principles of Engineering team designed a novel input device you can read about here:

My Tangible User Interfaces team designed a bicycle navigation system:

Alba gu bràth!


Today I saw more of my classmates' legs than I could have ever dreamed.


Through the magic of a tiny campus and an even tinier teaching staff, some 2013ers learned that one of our professors celebrates the day of his birth on the fourth of December (annually!). There was no way that this day could pass by unrecognized. A flurry of preparations ensued, culminating in a presentation to rival the Highland Games. Did I mention that our professor is Scottish?

this is what thanksgiving looks like

Snowboarding with old friends

Meeting new friends


It's that time of year where everyone seems to realize that the amount of work they need to do cannot possibly fit in the time allotted for the rest of the semester. I feel a little overwhelmed, but I hear others saying they feel the same way, and it's somewhat comforting. While we all work on final papers, projects, presentations, and exams, I want to remind my classmates to take a deep breath every once in a while, or a nap. You deserve it.

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