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By Maia Bittner, 2011

I think I've decided who I want to be here! That might sound odd, but it's something that's been bothering me the last couple months (that is, who I want to be in Copenhagen) and it was particularly bothersome yesterday, as here I was, existing in Copenhagen before I had figured it out. Without a goal, I had no direction to aim myself in, nothing to work on, no way of gauging progress. Remember my last post on how I was sad to leave Boston when I didn't even have a reason for going to Copenhagen?

Questions running through my head...

Do I want to be really into school (socially & academically) and organize my life around that? I'm certainly not that way at home, but this might be a good opportunity to do something different. Do I want to meet and get to know as many different people as I can? It doesn't seem like hanging out with other exchange students would neccessarily be worse than Danish students, as they're all new and from different countries, and they're also more eager to speak English and make new friends. Should I make friends with Danes outside of school? Do I want to learn Danish language and culture? Or do I want to be a loner and just enjoy the city, accepting myself as an outsider here? (I'm pretty good at being a loner. I like books and sitting in my apartment with tea and candles on Friday nights.)

A distraction-in-a-fire-in-a-barrel

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Dear Prospective 2014er,

While sitting in my room, staring down this week's vector calculus homework, my mind wandered to approximately one year ago, when I was [all too frequently] roused from slumber by dreams of swirling envelopes. Some large, some frighteningly thin, but all seemed to deliver the same thing -- my academic fate. Back in the present, I glanced at one of five calendars in the room and was startled by the date. Candidates' Weekends approach. Not so long ago, dear Prospie, I stood in your shoes. We all get it. Waiting is difficult, even agonizing, excruciating, vexatious, dreadful, caustic, and downright unpleasant.

"Those Who Know" seem to simply overflow with wisdom at such times and are eager to share any and every thought they may have on the subject, and I do think I heard them all. But the most beneficial piece of advice I received during the waiting process was to, "Forget about Olin and all those other schools. You're [hopefully] only a high school senior once." I forced myself to focus on the here, the now, and with a bit of helpful distraction, managed to make it through the process alive. This vector calc business may nullify such an accomplishment, but that's a story for another day.

For now, I offer you some things to ponder as you wait to plan for the fall. Thanks to a lively group of fellow classmates, I am never at a loss for *ahem* stimulating ideas.

Sad News

This past Wednesday one of the best-known professors at Olin passed away after a long fight with lymphoma. Dr. Michael Moody had many titles, but what perhaps best described him was simply "Dr. M."

drm.jpgPhoto credit to Andrew Tsang, '09.

Rest in Peace, Dr. M. You will be missed.

Thoughts on my life right now

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By Maia Bittner, 2011

My move to Copenhagen, despite many logistical difficulties, keeps creeping closer, and I can't deny that I'm nervous. I don't have a clear reason for going, and I feel like I'm giving up so much here. I keep trying to remind myself that I've done this before: I moved by myself to San Francisco, a city I'd never been to and knew no one in when I was just 18. In many ways, Copenhagen should be easier -- I don't need to find jobs or housing like I did in SF.

But truth be told, I haven't done this before. When I moved to San Francisco, I didn't have a life I treasured near as much as I do now. And so all the wonderful things in my life have become bittersweet, as I can't forget how soon they'll be gone.

For these awkward 5ish weeks between the end of Olin's Fall semester and the beginning of my study abroad semester, I've been working full-time at HubSpot, the super awesome internet marketing company I started interning with this past Fall. I'm redesigning (and implementing the changes to) a microsite they own, which is dangerously close to my dream job.
Dan, Bennett, and I ride the T on January 10th, 2010

A Well-Needed (Winter) Break

By Jessi Murray, 2010

I didn't blog much this semester, as you may have noticed. I've been one of the writers for this little project since my freshman year-- now three years ago. I knew I should be writing more posts. I took pictures for them, I wrote them, one I even published before taking down later (for NDA reasons). I guess what stopped me from writing a lot of the time was the fact that, despite getting lovely GPA-raising grades this semester, this was one of the toughest I've experienced on a personal level possibly ever.

I didn't want these feelings to come through on a blog that is supposed to attract prospective students. I didn't want to be the person who was a poor reflection of the school. However, these situations are reality, and from them some positive things did stem.

(Even if you don't care about this post, you should click through for an awesome video of a bunch of Olin students doing the Thriller dance.)

Goodbye Exchange Students!

-- by Mike Hughes '10

Fall 2009 saw Olin host a stellar group of exchange students.  There were 7 overall, hailing from faraway locations like France, South Korea, and Maine (surprise!).

Here's a group shot of the exchange students and several Olin study abroad veterans who served as hosts and friends.

exchangeStudentsFall09.bmpAll of the exchangers last semester were super friendly and very fun. We'll definitely miss them come January.

I had the privilege of living with Chad (from Korea) as a suitemate this fall, with two other Korean students also in my hallway. I had a blast showing Chad around Boston, struggling together on our C programming projects until the wee hours of the morning, and getting to know Korean food and music.  I especially liked our dance parties where he and Joo-Pyoung introduced me to several Korean girl groups.

Chad plays in a rockband back home, so my friends and I convinced him to take the stage for a going away party we threw at the end of the semester. Check it out.

More photos after the jump.

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