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Counting down and moving in


Hey there, Class of 2014! Wow, these last few weeks of summer seem to be slipping by in a hurry! A fellow 2013er, Kat Brookshier, asked me a while ago if I could get this up on the blog. I'm a terrible slacker, so just replace the word "month" with "couple weeks". Oops. Without further ado, Kat(!):

An Olin Summer

Summer 2010! Woohoo, we are roughly 2/3 of the way through the hottest months of the year.

Hi, I am Aiswarya, one of the youngins' to the Olinsider.  And I am officially done with freshman year of Olin; its crazy how fast time flew by - I still remember Orientation week last August.  And here I am, with one year of college already down.

For those of you freshmen that are coming into Olin, I advise you to take the rest of this time to relax with family (near and far) and your High School friends.  It is always well-worth it to bid farewell after an awesome summer together.  And for those of us that are at Olin for the summer, we are working our jobs, cooking our meals, and relaxing on the weekends (i.e., doing fun things).  (Mind you, the cooking part has been the challenging task.  The best so far has been baking a Red Velvet Cake for Sam's ('13) birthday.  Yummy.)

For the first few weeks of the summer, I went home to India to see my family.  Some of my High School classmates were back too, so I got to spend time with them.  It was nice being home, but the weather was so humid, I could literally feel the water droplets in the air! 
Here are some snapshots from my last visit home.
(Clockwise): 1. A lady selling clay pots, ...and taking a break;  2. The Indian roadside;  3.  Refreshing coconut water, anyone?;  4. Culture meets technology

At the start of June, I got back to Olin for research.  I am working with fellow Olin '13-er, Erica, and Assistant Professor of Psychology, Jonathan Adler Ph.D, to study Borderline Personality Disorder.  We are at the start of week 9, nearing the end of our 10 week program.  Our goal this summer is to study Borderline patients from their perspective, their narration of their own life story, and to dissect further symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder from their stream of thought.  It has been exciting work analyzing various people's life stories- their experiences, their feelings, their turning points, their dreams.

Apart from work, weekends have been the days of adventuring fun.  A few weekends ago, the rising-sophomore girls decided to take a mini-road trip to the beaches of Rhode Island.  We pulled up to Second Beach in Newport, RI and spent time in the glorious sun and sand.

Above: Making our way onto the beach

For the 4th of July, Alison('13), Sam ('13), and I went to New York City (specifically to Long Island) where we met up with Rachel ('13) and spent the long weekend with her family.  We had a wonderful time.  The 4th included: the day at the Long Island beach, the evening at the grill, and the night at the fireplace for 'smores & fireworks.  I was delighted to experience a traditional 4th of July for the first time in my life.

Left: A view of the Original Macy's & New York traffic;  Right: A walk through Central Park

Six flags is on the cards for the coming weeks, as is the end of research.  As everything starts to wrap up, I'm looking forward to fitting a few more fun outings into my holidays.

Well, my lunch break is coming to an end and I am heading into Boston for the rest of the day. 
I look forward to seeing you in September, Olin 2014!  Until then, Happy Summer!

Aiswarya Kolisetty
Olin 2013

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