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Bread, cheese, and engineering in France

Bonjour Olin community!

Je m'appelle Steven. I'm a junior from Michigan, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering here at Olin.

This semester (Spring 2011), I studied at Ecole Polytechnique, near Paris, France.

The image of Polytechnique to the French public are the uniformed students who march in the annual Bastille day parade, a 130 year tradition

Carol Kelly, Olin's wonderful study away coordinator, asked me a while ago to cross post my blog on Olin's student blog. But by the time we figured everything out, my semester at Polytechnique was over (I ended 1 April)!

So in this blog post, I'll tell you a bit about how I ended up at Polytechnique, why I'm still in Europe a month after my study away semester ended, and show a blurb from a blog post I wrote two months ago, when I was still at Polytechnique.

She blinded me with science (or just lookin' good)

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On Friday, April 15th, Olin SAC hosted its annual formal dance at the Museum of Science in Boston.  I had the pleasure of going in a group of good looking women and two handsome men.  We got all dolled up, went out for Indian food in Brookline, and headed to the museum.  Once we arrived, we perused the exhibits and then the dancing and music started.  I had a great time and it was great to get off campus and relax for the night.


Chris, Kate, Meryl, Me, Erika, and Scott (all '12) making a funny pose

outside East Hall before heading off to the dance.

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