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Adventures in Time Management: 9-5

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I ran a brief life-hack experiment regarding treating college as a 9-5 job. I can't claim originality of the idea-I know I've heard it mentioned a couple of times before, but I don't remember where I first encountered it.

As you may have noticed, Oliners are a busy bunch. We take challenging-is-an-understatement classes with enthusiasm, pursue extracurricular interests passionately and usually can't resist getting involved in any good project. This semester alone I've been regularly involved in 4 classes, teaching engineering at a high school, a Spanish language co-curricular, the student Catholic association, writing this blog, job searching for the summer, a three-college culture and leadership group, and getting sucked (very willingly!) into late-night conversations about politics, philosophy, meta-Olin and "woah, how does that work!".

I have two key observations to set the context for this experiment:
  1. There are so many awesome things to do and learn in the world!
  2. I'm happier when I eat and sleep and have quiet-time regularly.

In order to maximize my ability to do both of those things, I've decided to just try a couple different time management/work theories and see what happens.

The 9-5 theory is pretty simple-treat classes as a clock-in/clock-out job. No wasting time on the job; no putting things off until midnight; but at 5pm, you're done.

Sunshine, shorts, and barbecues.

I can't believe the weather right now. It was 85 yesterday. 85 EIGHTY-FIVE. IN MARCH. </mindblown>

It was a lot colder today - I don't think it got above 73. It meant the barbecue we had doubled as a space heater. But we've had two barbecues in two days, I can't complain.

The last two days have definitely been my favorite. I finished almost all of the work I needed to so there was a lot of just lying in the sun reading books, eating barbecues, riding my scooter around, and finally getting into Boston. But words don't convey sunshine, so let me just show you.

Thumbnail image for Photo Mar 22, 3 48 20 PM.jpg
Hmm, so warm. Hence the shirtless people everywhere.

Photo Mar 22, 4 44 58 PM.jpg
I don't even know what's going on here. 

Photo Mar 22, 4 45 07 PM.jpg
Charlie grilled us seem beef. Some of the most delicious food I've ever had.

And we finally got into Boston! I've been wanting to do this forever. Unfortunately the late barbecue meant I wasn't able to get any sunset shots of Boston but a) I still did some night photography and b) you can't really complain about lying around eating fresh barbecue in the sun whilst listening to Stan Getz.

Photo Mar 23, 6 15 39 PM.jpg
More lounging around. Because we can.

Photo Mar 23, 7 24 31 PM.jpg
Hmmm, fire...

Relaxation, thy name is Spring Break

It's Spring Break! It's 64 F and sunny outside, so why not ride my scooter to Wellesley and have breakfast at Starbucks? I could even write a blog post!

Not really sure where to start. It's been a while since we last talked and a lot has happened since then. Tons. Metric tonnes.

Out in the sun!

The fickle fates of New England spring sent us an absolutely gorgeous day (sunny and seventy, for those of you who aren't in the area), and even after a mild winter like we've had this was cause for celebration. All day long, people congregated on the lawns by the dorms and in the Oval in the center of campus, dragging with them laptops, frisbees, picnic meals and the couches from the dorms. The rule of thumb was, if you can do it outside, you probably should.


GUEST POST: The Weasley Twins should have gone to Olin College

Greetings, readers! You get a break from me, and instead get to hear from Chris Marra ('12) and Greg Marra ('10). Yeah, they're related. But not twins. Oliners often joke that this place is a bit like Hogwarts, so this post is rather appropriate.

Anyway, Candidates' Weekends just wrapped up here, so we're all thinking about who would fit in with our strange crowd, and I suppose the Marra brothers want to put in a vote for the Weasley twins. I wouldn't mind, but personally, would prefer Neville. Or, more accurately, Matthew Lewis (*swoon*), who, incidentally, is from Leeds, where I studied last semester! My Leeds to-do list included meeting him, but it wasn't in the stars. Ah well.

To read their post, click "Continue reading". I take no responsibility for the bad parts and all the credit for the good parts.

Newfound love of post its

The last of the 2012 candidate's weekends is coming to an end--it's been a quick and extremely exciting journey.  Snow has finally fallen, and spring break is only two weeks away.  Classes have certainly vamped up, and projects have taken up a huge slot in my life.  I'm excited about all three of them, which I promise to talk about at various points in the future.  My to-do list is ever-growing, but I thought I'd take this moment to tell you a bit about my UOCD team.


This past week was our first UOCD design review.  We decided to take a group photo =].  My team consists of Sarah, Brendan, Josh (all Olin'14), and Ben (Babson '15).  We all think differently, and have a great time working with one another.  Plus, we make really elaborate analogies about things that you probably wouldn't associate with UOCD, and have a great time.

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