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Hello there! I'm Brittany Strachota, one of your friendly class of 2013ers. I hail from the oh-so-charming Pewaukee, Wisconsin, home of the best frozen custard on the planet. Nowadays, I am majoring in engineering with a concentration in robotics. I just returned to Olin from a semester at the University of Leeds in northern England.

Some quasi-informative tidbits:

    ·  I adore lists.

    ·  FIRST is a lifestyle choice.

    ·  I lack a nickname that I recognize as legitimate.

    ·  Engineering school has instilled in me a craving for written expression.

    ·  Thoughts most resembling brilliance occur after 4:00am.

    ·  One of my favorite words is "obtuse." "Underwit" and "dunderhead" are also fabulous.

·  The week before my eleventh birthday, I checked the sky at least 42 times, waiting for a  Hogwarts owl to arrive.

·  People here diligently make fun of the manner  in which I speak.

·  There is little better than crafted, subtle irony.

I love talking with all sorts of people. That means you! Feel free to email me at brittany[dot]strachota[at]students[dot]olin[dot]edu, comment, or send smoke signals my way.