Nate and Luke

Luke: Look an eagle!

Nate: Oh hi there. Did you notice we have readers? Stop being rude and introduce us.

Luke: Indeed. My name is Luke and this guy is Nate. We'll be co-video-blogging for Olinsider this year.

Nate: Luke and I are sophomores, aka Class of 2013. I first met Luke on move in day when he decided to fill up my room with boxes--

Luke: In other words, we were roommates

Nate: Still are, unless you plan on evicting me.

Luke: Let's help our readers get to know us better. For starters, I'm from Portland, Oregon, I was born in MA, but I lived most of my life in Milwaukee, WI. I'm the oldest of four kids.

Nate: Whereas I'm an only child hailing from North Carolina (which Luke often refers to as 'Nor Cal'). Somehow both of us ended up here at Olin though, thanks to a peculiar thing called college applications. I think I speak for both of us when I say we couldn't be happier anywhere else.

Luke: -cough-shameless plug-cough-

Nate: While I'm at it, I'll also plug the Ultimate Frisbee team here. What other campus organization gets you to lay out in wet grass, throw disc in the snow, or compete at tournaments all over New England?

Luke: I'm not one for chasing discs. I get my workout from Jujitsu and Karate. My more cerebral hobbies involve robotics and gaming. I'm also part of eDiscovery, a student organization that gets elementary school kids excited about engineering. p.s. I'm a FIRST-ie for life.

Nate: Nerd... I guess I am too. We're both potential ECE majors, though Luke does have quite a bent for robotics. We're also both part of OCF, Olin Christian Fellowship, and regularly attend church here in Boston, so we can answer any questions you have about Christianity at Olin.

Luke: Oh, and shenanigans. We can answer questions about those too. Nate, is there anything else we need to tell them?

Nate: last thing-if you guys ever have any ideas for things to feature in our blog or just general comments/criticism/questions, shoot either of us an email at lucas.hill || nathaniel.ting <at> students <dot> olin <dot> edu

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My name is Eric Beckmann. I am a junior in high school, and am considering applying to Olin next year. I'm also a Christian. Seeing that you two are fellow believers, I was wondering what you thought of the Christian fellowship on campus. How many students are a part of OCF? How do you get to church on Sundays? Also, which church do you attend in Boston?


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